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Garcia Roofing is a Kansas City Roofing Company. We provide high quality, professional, reliable and honest roofing replacement service.

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Filing a storm damage insurance claim can be a daunting and confusing task. We will walk you through the process and explain in easy to understand terms how the claims process works. We will also help you maximize your claim by auditing your insurance estimate to make sure that all items are being paid for at the fair market price.


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We offer free, no obligation roof inspections for storm damage and estimates for repairs and replacements.

If you're looking for a Kansas City roofing contractor, call Garcia Roofing. We take great pride in our roofing service and warranty all our work.

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How to file an insurance claim for storm damage



Filing a storm damage Insurance claim on your property can be confusing and frustrating. Many homeowners do not understand the process or their legal rights. Here are the basic steps on how to file an insurance claim for storm damage on your property.

01.) After a storm, call your insurance company and let them know that you want to file a claim for storm damage.

Word of Caution: Make sure you see actual damage to your property or have a knowledgeable contractor inspect your property such as the roof before you file a claim. If you call your insurance company before verifying any damage, and they find no damage, this will appear as a claim in their records against you.

02.) After you have verified the damage and you have called your insurance company, they will assign you a claim number. They will also schedule a day and time in which they will send an adjuster to inspect your property for storm damage.

Word of caution: it's very important for you to have a knowledgeable contractor or another person that understands what storm damage is and what insurance claims involve along with your legal rights. Not having one makes you vulnerable and it's a great possibility that they will either deny your claim or under pay it.

03.) After the insurance adjuster has inspected your property for damage, right there and then they will inform you if you have been approved for storm damage claim payments. They will also prepare a loss report or an estimate showing what items were damaged and the amounts that they are willing to pay. Some insurance companies such as State Farm will even issue a check on the spot before they leave your property.

Word of caution: You will need to have a contractor or another knowledgeable person analyze the loss estimate report from the insurance company. More often than not they will underpay or have missed items that should have been included. That's why it's extremely important to have a contractor with knowledge of the insurance claims process be present. Only after verifying the payments and making sure that all items are being paid at the right amounts, then you can go ahead and deposit the check that was issued to you from the insurance carrier.

04.) Once you are satisfied with the amount being paid and have verified that all damage has been accounted for by the insurance carrier, you can now start searching for a reputable contractor to complete the repairs.

Word of caution: DO NOT SEARCH FOR BIDS!!!

Many homeowners make the mistake of looking for bids or estimates from contractors, this is a big mistake. Your insurance carrier has already decided what is the amount that they are willing to pay for the repairs on your house. This means if you find a contractor to complete the repairs for less than the amount that the insurance carrier is willing to pay, the insurance company will save that money, they will not pay the full amount that they were willing to pay for your repairs. For example let's say that your insurance carrier says that the cost to replace your roof is $10,000.00 However you find a contractor that will replace your roof for $6,000.00 You may think that you just made yourself $4,000.00 in profit, however this is wrong! Assuming that your deductible is $1,000 and a contractor completed your roof for $6,000.00 this means that the insurance company only has to pay you $5,000.00 you just save the insurance company $4,000. They will not release the $4,000.00 that they were willing to pay extra for your roof because you only agreed to pay $6000.00 for your roof. Regardless of the amount that you agree to replace your roof for, you are obligated to pay your deductible. So instead of searching for bids, what you need to search for is a contractor that understands the insurance claims process, and that is willing to replace your roof or your house storm damage for the amounts that the insurance company have capped it off at. That way the full amount is used that has been earmarked for your house repairs from the insurance carrier. You can also negotiate with the contractor upgrades at no extra charge since he is going to receive the full amount allowable by the insurance carrier.

WARNING!!!!!! Never ever under any circumstances give the contractor a deposit or any money whatsoever before the job is completed. If he is a reputable contractor, he should have credit to be able to purchase the materials up front. Only after the job has been completed to your satisfaction, is it proper for you to pay him the amount agreed upon in the contract. Make sure that you make this perfectly clear to the contractor before you waste your time from the very first conversation.

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