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Garcia Roofing your reliable,  professional high quality Kansas City Roofing Contractor.

We offer free estimates and ask for no money upfront!
We do residential and commercial work.
We do all types of roofing installations 

* Roofing Repairs
* Tear offs & re-decks
* Free roof inspections
* free roof estimates
* Complete roof tear off & replacement
* Flat roof installations of torch down & self adhering bitumen
Call your Kansas City roofing contractor @ 816-286-7387 for a free estimate and roof inspection. References Available & NO MONEY UPFRONT!

Roof Installation process:

The picture on this page depicts the anatomy of the roof and the materials used for roofing. After your home has been framed, the 2x6 boards on the ceiling are covered by sheathing or decking. This is basically the 8x4 sheets that your roofing shingles will be lying on. The usual product used for sheathing or decking a roof is 7/16 O.S.B. which stands for oriented strand board. These boards come in 8x4. The 2x6 boards on which the sheathing is installed should be spaced 16" otherwise the boards will sag. This is the framing crews work. Garcia Roofing, your Kansas City roofing contractor will do needed wood rot repairs as needed for additional cost after approval from the homeowner. This way your roofing project is not interrupted.

Once the sheathing is installed, underlayment is applied to the sheathing. The underlayment gives added protection against leaks and moisture. The most common underlayment used is called felt paper or tar paper. These come in rolls of either 15lb or 30lb. The 15 lb felt paper roll is thinner and covers 4 squares or 400 square feet. The 30 lb felt paper is thicker (more protection) and cover 2 squares or 200 square feet. Another type of underlayment used is "sythentic". This is much more resilient and it covers 10 squares per roll or 1000 square feet. The Home Depot carries Shark Skin and Grace triflex. You can go to youtube and search under Kansas City roofing contractor p.1 and see a video of a job in which we installed this type of underlayment called shark skin.

Once you have your underlayment applied, you install the drip edge. This goes throughout the whole perimeter of the roof on the edge of the roof. This prevents water from leaking into the fascia boards and ruining your walls. On the eaves, the felt paper or underlayment goes over the drip edge. On the rake of the roof, the felt paper or synthetic underlayment is tucked under the drip edge.

Once you have your felt paper installed and drip edge, you are ready to install the shingles. The shingles are installed from the bottom or lowest part of the roof and you work upwards. The first layer installed on the eaves is called starter strip. This will ensure that there are 2 layers of protection on the eaves and not just on the rest of the roof.

What we have discussed here are just the basics of the roofing process and the materials used. There are much more details involved such as chimney flashing, pipe flashing, square vents and ridge caps that would take up alot more space.

Your roof is a very important part of your house as it protects you from the extreme elements. Neglecting your roof can also cause damage to your house such as walls, ceilings, electrical and cause wood rot. We are one of the most reliable Kansas City roofing contractors. We never ask for money upfront! Call us for your roofing needs.

Garcia Roofing your Kansas City Roofing Contractor

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